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Robert Montgomery

That's blasphemy!

Professor Cocktail

I thought of you when I wrote this -- and how horrified you'd be at the thought of drinking it.

I did enjoy it, though.

Arc Orion

This review is perfect. I'm a fairly young drinker, but I like experimenting with different tastes, and this was my first try of anything like bourbon. I also tend to go for very sweet drinks, so this was very nice for me. It's something I mix with coke to make a "better than Cherry Coke" option. I've since moved onto other whiskeys (and scotch, though I still don't quite like it) and I'm glad I had this! If you like the sweetness, give their Honey Reserve a try, too. It doesn't pack as much honey flavor as this does cherry, but it's sweet and pretty good if that's your thing.

Allen Barker

I attended the Bassaster Classic this last weekend at Shreveport-Bossier ,La . I tried the Cherry , Honey ,and the Cinnamon flavors. I really thought they were good for a change. I usually drink the Black Label with diet coke. These you don't need anything to go with them theyre so smooth. I live in Central Texas and we don't have the Cherry or Cinnamon yet. When is the possibility of bringing it to Texas. I'd be stocking up on the stuff if it was

Robin Spears

@Allen Barker,

They have had the evan williams cherry,cinnamon and honey here for awhile. I am also in centex. Try the liquor store next to heights walmart and Oliver's spirits in eddy. Also twin liquors in Killeen. Good luck!

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