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Read it, liked it, thanks for it

I have done my fair share of research on the topic and I have only found studies on
short children with a HGH defiancy being tested with injections.
ALOT of people are against the idea since most
people just want height increase because of "social" reasons and people think you should embrase your shortness.. I am about 5 foot 6, nearly 15, I know i still have some growing to do but that is exactly why i wanted to try this, since i figure it will just enhance my growing, and Yes i would make sure i would have a doctor regulate my intake because i already know possible side effects if you exceed dosages.. . Any ideas?. I will most likely take the supplements and eventually stack them to enhance the outcome. I will also pair this with healthy eating and excercise. or I might see if i can get the money together to do the injections if they will actually work.. . Don't care about opinions that say "height is already determined by your genetics", etc. etc. My goal is 5 foot 8 to 5 foot 9 if at all possbile. :).

masturbation will not affect your testosterone level.
this hormone is regulated by the brain and is impervious to outside influences.
while it is necessary for sperm production, it is not depleted or diminished by the frequency of
your ejaculation's. and no, testosterone will not stunt your growth; in fact, it is responsible for muscle mass and growth. human growth hormone and testosterone are two entirely separate hormones and testosterone is the only one which is naturally produced within your body. so relax and be patient-you will be six feet tall before you know it!

Bodybuilders use supplements to gain mass, shape or carve their body muscles etc.
On the other hand there are Human Growth Hormones (HGH) supplements which are used for having overall healthy active body and
also reduces aging factor because HGH supp, boosts ur enegry level and keeps your muscles fresh
and healthy.. so the question is, are bodybuilding
and HGH supp, the same or different, i dont mind which is legal or illegal
i just need answers dat gives me clear cut difference
b/w them. will appriciate a detailed answer, Thnx:).


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